Mar 16, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day

I always think it's funny to be in L.A. on St. Patrick's Day because there are about three Irish Pubs in the city opposed to the 3000 in other cities I've lived in like Boston and Chicago—and at least 10% of those are named "The Blarney Stone". This holiday is great for two reasons: It celebrates the color green (one of my favorites, as you can see above) and drinking. I think it would be most relevant if I delve in to the color aspect on this blog—especially because kelly green is such a "hot" color right now. For fun I found all the things in my apartment that I love that are green. So if you care, read on...Clockwise from top left: Eames fiberglass arm chair from Modernica; Tria System Pantone markers (based on the Pantone Matching System, each Tria marker matches a specific Pantone color) available at Blick Art Supply; Joseph Joseph cucumber glass cutting board available at Loft Party; my favorite t-shirt, Art Splash Fair '85 (which is a shout-out to my cousin Quinn); my favorite green matches (including Hackney's—which is a shout-out to Matriarch) on a sea foam green Missoni dish; and some sweet Vans by Marc Jacobs.

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Anonymous said...

Well honey - we have more in common since green is my favorite color also! I'm sure Quinn told you that we all went to Hackney's for green beer and sappy songs to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.