Apr 28, 2007


There's a half pipe in an alleyway in between my apartment and Starbucks, the other day there was a dude skating and he had on a Built By Wendy t-shirt. I think that's when it came to me: best logo ever. I love the Built By Wendy logo so much that every time I pass by her L.A. store on W. 3rd street I feel like I want to go in because I see the big sign with the crossed arrows and think there must be goodies in there, and there are. Wendy Mullin actually started her career selling handmade clothes and guitar straps in the back of record stores in Chicago, how could it be more hardcore than that? By the late 90s she opened her first store in NYC and then another two in L.A. and Brooklyn. But besides her logo, the guitar straps, the great threads and the fact the Parker Posey and wears her clothes, I also love Wendy Mullin because I just found out she grew up in the same place I did, Lake Forest, IL, which totally explains a t-shirt I once saw of hers that had a cartoon of Mr. T eating trees*. I guess The L.F. just breeds genius, or inbreeds genius I should say. Check out the above logo tee ($35), arrow tote bag ($20), guitar straps ($40) and all the other really really really really cool merch she makes on the Built By Wendy website.

*In 1986 Mr. T cut down dozens of century-old trees from his estate in Lake Forest with a chain saw, explaining that he had "allergies". This created a substantial controversy and led several North Shore communities to enact ordinances making the removal of old growth trees illegal. I don't know if his allergy induced rampage happened before or after he ran for Mayor, but it couldn't have helped things.

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