Apr 27, 2007

Calypso Home

I think I drank too much Pepsi at the Dodger's game tonight (last night) so this post is coming in at a totally unreasonable hour (3:58 a.m. PST), especially to be blogging. Moving on. The high school I attended is located about 30 minutes north of Boston and whenever we could me and my friend Kingsley would jump in a cab, get on a train, or find some way to get into the city (more often than not it was a undercover operation). Despite all the Nor'easters and Masshole accents I endured over four years, I have only sunny memories of walking up and down the brownstones of Newbury Street. Without a doubt we would always stop into Calypso which I still love for two reasons. 1. They always have a wide selection of Jack Rogers sandals. 2. They organize their clothing not by category, but by color—with neat sections of bright turquoise, deep magenta, sage green, lemon yellows, and always plenty of white. I headed to the Brentwood Country Mart for the first time yesterday and went into the Calypso store there and found exactly what I was expecting to find, only more...a home store too (also organized by color)! It opened four months ago and has copious amounts of imports from Roost, Oly Studio, and Madeline Weinrib (who makes pillows and cotton rugs that are worth giving up your first born for). There are Calypso Home stores located in Santa Monica, Soho, Sag Harbor, and East Hampton. Check the website for more info.

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