Apr 6, 2007

Going to the Marimekko Market

Several of my neighbors use reusable grocery bags (which inspired me to use them), and it's funny to notice who's using what. Some have the red Trader Joe's bags, some have Bristol Farms bags, Matt and I have two green Whole Foods bags. Yesterday while looking through the Marimekko image bank for a story I was writing I noticed their cool reusable grocery bags with divided sections . I don't think I would ever make the effort to buy one for myself, but it would make a pretty snazzy (and of course functional) gift for a friend. You can get a similar to the above bags at Kiitos Marimekko for about $60 or check for store locations right here. Or, if you happen to live in Boston—Marimekko just opened their first USA concept store at 350 Huron Avenue in Cambridge.

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