Apr 9, 2007

Procrastination = organization?

This past weekend was all about procrastination. I had a looming Monday morning deadline and thought of a million things to do besides write. I fixed the out-of-warranty printer, organized my greeting card box by holiday, made sub-categories for my file cabinet, ordered my Iomoi stationary, transcribed my entire rolodex to my online address book, finished my taxes, went to Best Buy on a Saturday to buy blank CDs for no reason then to Staples to buy yellow legal pads, also for no reason, I even watched The Masters golf tournament with Matt. Are you stressed out yet? Sorry. It seems that somehow a poor work ethic mixed with slight panic got me pretty organized and just in time for Spring. Above is the newly re-issued 1958 George Nelson Swag Leg Desk. I love this desk, not only for its looks, but because it is sleek and minimal—making it hard for tons of clutter to form and important notes to get lost, its design will perhaps keep you better organized. You can check it out at DWR, and maybe you'll be inspired to do a little office Spring cleaning, too.

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