Apr 10, 2007

Laquered River Stones

I went to one of my favorite stores on W. 3rd Street yesterday after lunch, New Stone Age. My friend Lisa and I were stuck in the relatively small storefront for about an hour trying to get a look at all their uncommon goods. I stocked up on a few hot pink glass votives ($3 each!), she got a few party decorations. I was searching the internets to see if there was anything like it online, since they don't do e-commerce, and I came across the Curiosity Shoppe, an online-only shop based out of The Mission in SF. It's by no means a New Stone Age, but it is something. One thing they have that is really interesting is laquered river rocks. Sounds strange but also makes me want to play with them, they could be great for place cards or used as paperweights. I like the metallic gold ones best. Get them for $8 a rock by clicking right here.

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