Apr 25, 2007

John Robshaw

A week ago or so my cousin Quinn said she was looking for some new bedding, she wanted something bright and bold. Actually, I think her exact words were: "I have a Marimekko duvet that is neutral but the walls at my new place are basically the same as my bedding so I want to vomit from the lack of color every day." I'm no expert on bedding, so I searched around a little to see if I could come up with anything. I checked out the usual suspects like Anthropologie and Dwell but nothing caught my eye. Finally I came across John Robshaw and loved what I saw. His bedding is created in India with all indigenous materials,it's all hand-printed and hand-stitched by local artisans. It looks great, bright and bold but not obnoxious. The national retailers are listed on the website, but for Quinn, you can get it a Jayson Home & Garden or at Bedside Manor.


Quinn said...

Glad to see I made the blog!

good news, no more nasuea.

I found a bright colorful duvet from Anthro, still looking for some qulity sheets and some pillows. Going to Jayson in Chicago this weekend to find throw pillows. You've saved the day again gypsy.

Anonymous said...

I love John Robshaw bedding-- thr 400 threadcount is so comfortable and soft and the quality of the fabrics is outstanding! I especially love the colors and prints. At home I have paired the indigo striped sheets with the ink euro shams. Love it!