Apr 24, 2007

Krylon Fusion for Plastic: Modern Miracle

I acquired three rusty and rotten Eames shell chairs a couple of years ago from a friend's tag sale. I spray painted two of them cobalt blue and put them on my patio, left the other one white and put it in storage. Recently I discovered the marvel of Krylon products and decided to upgrade all three chairs by painting them with the Krylon Fusion for Plastic line of paint. It is pretty amazing, dries in 15 minutes and creates little mess to clean up. So, I taped up the legs and bases (I would have simply unscrewed the base and legs, but they were so rusty I didn't want to risk it) and applied the "honeydew" color to two and the "butter cream" to the other. I thought these colors were a little more subtle than the bright blues and a little more interesting than a dirty white. Above are the before pics and below are the after shots. You can get Krylon spray paint at any Ace Hardware or check the Krylon website for retailers. It's about $13 a bottle, and you need 1 bottle for each a chair.


Anonymous said...

i was wondering which color this was, you mentioned "cobalt" but the only blues I have come across are hyacinth and patriotic. they looked super glossy! thanks

Lizzie said...

I think it was Patriotic Blue, yes.