Apr 18, 2007

Little Capers!

Somewhere in between drinks at the The Village Idiot and Winston's last night, my friend's friend, Jessica Wise, told me she started a company called Little Capers. This morning I went to see what it was all about by checking out the website and I thought it was way too cute and awesome to pass up. Little Capers is a line of alternative super hero shirts that come with detachable capes. Wise and her partner Jossamber Shapiro felt that there had to be a better option than clipping a dishtowel to kid's shirts or buying commercial polyester pajamas and tees. It's funny becuase my friend Lisa was just telling me that she had a meeting with her agent last week who had to bring her daughter along. The four year old strolled into the Standard Hotel wearing a Spring wet suit, crocks, and a cape. Hilarious! Little Capers t-shirts start at $32 and you can buy one or two by clicking right here. It makes a great gift for those special little boys and girls, you know, the ones who won't leave the house unless they're in a tuxedo sweatshirt, oversized cubs hat, and demand to be called Gordon for the rest of the day.

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