Apr 19, 2007

Meet Twilly

I was wandering around the Hermes website this morning to check out their beach towels (just looking), and came across "Twilly". They're 33-inch (by 2-inch) silk ribbons and I can think of 100 things to do with them, hair tie, hair band, bracelet, scarf, belt, tie it around a vase or a bowl to dress up (literally) a centerpiece, etc. etc. etc. They come in five patterns/colors right now. You can snatch one up here for $115, which in Hermes dollars is pretty good. Is it wrong that I want want to tie one around my forehead Axl Rose style, and then go play tennis? Yes? Ok, well, I also love their ashtrays, like the below one in white porcelain with red pattern ($465).

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