May 16, 2007

Acrylic Lighting

Legier's lamps (from the previous post "What's Inside": Legier Stahl) really made me want some acrylic lamps, too. They're sleek and elegant yet homey, and it would seem they would go with everything, from a minimalist loft space to a cozy, traditional interior. I especially love that hers are from the 70s. I went hunting to see if people still made lamps like these, and they do! I found them at a store in Atlanta, I guess the ATL is more than just Ludacris, Julia Roberts, and peaches (sorry I've never really been to the South, so stereotypes are all I have). Check the above "Lee" table lamp and other acrylic lighting out on the Belvedere website. Their prices aren't listed on the website, but if you're really interested give them a call.

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