May 15, 2007

"What's Inside": Legier Stahl

On the blog Design*Sponge, the editor, Grace Bonney, does a series called "Sneak Peak" where she gets artists, designers, and other design-savvy ladies and gents to send in photos of their homes. I think it is such a cool idea that I'm going to knock it off, and like most knock-offs it will be cheaper and of inferior quality. First up for the DESIGNwatcher series (which I'm calling "what's inside"...I just thought of that right now and it's not a very good title, so that may change in the future) is the home of my friend Legier Stahl. She has lived in New Orleans, Jacksonville, New York City, and is currently a graduate student at UCLA studying architecture. She also has the advantage of having several interior designers in her family, so it's no surprise that she can seamlessly incorporate several periods into one beautiful and chic space. What I really love about Legier's place is that almost everything she has comes with a familial story. Like the lamps on the above console table, for example—they were purchased by her mom for her dad's office in the 70s, the bold mid-century chairs were once her grandmothers that she repainted and recovered, she made the Pucci pillowcases herself after realizing extra fabric was lying around an interior design office she worked at in New York, and the throw folded on the chair was a gift her step-mom gave her after traveling to India.
Legier also thinks it is one of the coolest things ever to sleep on linens with someone else's monogram. I totally agree, and in her case her lovely sheets have her mother's monogram subtley embroidered in a creamy linen fabric. Thanks for sharing Legier, and thanks for the glass of wine.

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