May 15, 2007


British designer Tom Dixon is known for his "bad boy" reputation and his innovative work with metallics, specifically copper—like his very popular Copper Shade Pendant he designed a few years ago. This year Dixon has taken copper to a new level using a newly developed electro-deposition process. "Nanocrystalline copper is "grown" onto the chair using a highly sophisticated electroplating process. During full immersion in a liquid bath containing pure copper crystals, the textured surface of the chair's intricately curved industrial form attracts the honeycombed-patterned crystals, resulting in a unique copper cladding, extremely strong yet surprisingly lightweight." That means almost nothing to me, either. But, I think it means that the chair is about a three cubic feet, but only weighs 30 lbs, and that's pretty amazing. He only made eight pieces, all exclusive to Moss.

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** Terramia ** said...

I really like this... innovative, and very cool!