May 14, 2007


Last night I had a strange dream about Necromance, a store on Melrose that I had driven by a hundred times, but never ventured into. Today I went by foot down Melrose about half a mile until I saw the store. It was incredible inside...creepy and weird, but incredible. When I walked in I felt as if I was inside a cabinet of curiosity. There are no pictures allowed within the store, so I took photos of my loot when I got home: African pheasant feathers, a little starfish, a cowrie shell, and a sea urchin (all for under $40). Most things I looked at were between $2 and $15 a piece. I put the feathers in a shell to make a little centerpiece thingy, but I think they look better in an oversized vase, more cabinet of curiosity-like that way. Check out the Necromance website, they have an online store. Or if you live in L.A. you really have to see this place in person: 7220 Melrose (south side of Melrose a couple streets east of La Brea). On the way back LAPD was giving out tickets to people crossing streets while the hand was still flashing, now I know why I don't walk more.

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Anonymous said...

Lizzie G! That is one of my favorite stores in LA...did I tell you about it last week, when I saw you? And the cycloc...I hope I inspired you!
Love your blog.You have great taste!