Jul 23, 2007


L.A. is so different that other cities like New York because it doesn't really have the amount of 24-hour conveniences you'd expect from from a major metropolis. When you're packing boxes day and night like Matt and I are now, it's really comforting to have a 24-hour deli within walking distance, Canter's, which has been on Fairfax since 1953 and not much has changed since. We went last night around 11pm for dinner and it really hit the spot. Don't get me wrong, I'm not touting Canter's as the best deli in L.A., that's Langer's. I still haven't been but enough people that know what they're talking about say that the #19 at Langer's is possibly the best sandwich in America. Still, I hold a place in my heart for Canter's and their great sputnik-styled support beam chandelier and their bar, The Kibitz Room. I'm going to miss this place.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, LG, this post makes me miss LA. I especially miss the usually sullen service there, and the waitstaff that ranges from old-as-dirt to reality-show hopeful. Thanks for this reminder of Canter's!