Jul 24, 2007


Matt and I have been trying to be as eco-friendly as possible (within reason) while moving. One thing we've been doing is shredding old magazines and papers we don't want and can later recycle and using that instead of popcorn. Shredding is also a bonus because you can get out pent up frustrations, like say, because someone made you reopen all the packed boxes and make a chart to label what is inside of them. Yeah. I like this Ativa™ DQ81M Diamond-Cut Shredder that can shred 8 pages at a time and has a shred speed of 7.22 feet per minute. Ha! Get it right here for $40—that's great stress relief, packing materials, and protection from identity thieves, all in one.

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Dr Tuke said...

Love the blog! Great eye and wit.