Oct 12, 2007

DESIGNwatcher's 1 Year Anniversary!

Well, it was actually two days ago, but I've never really been good with anniversary dates. Which probably explains why when people ask how long I've been dating Matt I say, "two years." Then he interjects with, "It's been more than four." So, thinking back to October of 2006—what was happening...North Korea tested a nuke, and now one year later they are on the road to disablement (<--check out that good news). What else...oh yeah, The Mark Foley scandal, and one year later? The Larry Craig scandal! Ok back to design, below are a handful of notable designs from the past year that I didn't cover, some better than others. Let me know your favorites!

Kartell Round Coffee Tables, 2007.

Clay Furniture by Maarten Baas, 2006.

Pouffe by Piero Lissoni, 2006.

Golden Biscuit Centerpiece: Cake of Peace by Studio Job, 2007.

Eva Solo soap dispenser, 2007.

Steel Case Think Chair, 2007.

Ikea Fusion dining table and chairs, 2007.

Titanic Lamp by Fluke, 2006.

Normann Copenhagen Butterfly Can Opener, 2007.


Jon said...

Those Ikea chairs look really uncomfortable, and note well designed. I like the Pouffe.

Molly said...

Happy Anniversary! That Titanic Lamp is great!