Oct 14, 2007

When it rains...get British

It is raining in Chicago and apparently will be for days. What could be the only thing good about this? British rain gear. When it comes to rain gear, the soggy-weather nation is the wise old sage. They master form and function with boots, jackets and umbrellas alike, and have been doing it for hundreds of years. So, first things first: Get a Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrella. They're elegant and essential and one of the last companies to make the "stick umbrella" as opposed to the collapsible handled variety. Brigg began making umbrellas in 1836 and still uses the same manufacturing techniques employed back then. They are known for their bespoke umbrella service (think ostrich handle, hot pink fabric, and your initials engraved or embossed). It doesn't stop with monograms though, the most requested special order umbrella produced by Brigg was "the sword umbrella", an umbrella which concealed a sword, made famous by the 1960s cult series The Avengers (at one time Brigg also produced a gun version, so keep an eye on that suspicious gentleman sitting across from you on the Underground). Next on the list? A Barbour jacket. Why? This forth generation family-owned company has been keeping sportsmen and sportswomen warm and dry for over 100 years with their iconic wax-cotton jackets, they know what they're doing. Last on the list is: a pair of Hunter Wellies. I know they're trendy right now and selling at Bloomingdales thanks to a few Kate Moss spottings a year back, but they work, they're comfortable, and look cool.

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