Oct 1, 2007

Louis XIV Notebook

Louis XIV, or Le Roi Soleil, is known for many things: fighting three wars, centralizing the French government, making France a dominant European power, oh yeah, and revolutionizing the chair. During his reign more informal manners, including a new "half-reclining posture" replaced the former stiff, upright posture among the French aristocracy. Some argue this movement went hand-in-hand with new seat furniture. His successors Louis XV and Louis XVI receive most of the fanfare for this movement with their respective styles (I'm more of a fan of the Louis XVI chair myself, and especially like the 2002 reinterpretation by Starck), but it was the old Lou14 that started it. So, to pay homage check out the above Louis XIV notebook complete with crest, 96 ivory pages and silver edges. I wouldn't mind carrying that around in my satchel. Get it from the Assouline boutique for $125.

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