Oct 2, 2007

Perfumery + Pop Art

Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory is the latest and greatest from New York perfumer Bond No. 9. Depicted on the bottle’s surface is a graphic image inspired by one of the pop artist’s most recognizable images—a boldly re-colored rendition of the Campbell’s Soup Can. I personally really love Bond No. 9 and have actually featured them before on this blog because they are committed to art and design—not just the art of scent-making, but the visual components, and they've been amply praised for both. The perfumer is famous for naming all of its scents after New York neighborhoods (The Hamptons, Bleeker, etc.), so I think it is appropriate that they named their first Andy Warhol scent The Silver Factory, referencing Warhol's original studio/hangout located in a nondescript building on E. 47th Street. Apparently the entire interior walls of the studio were actually covered in aluminum foil. Look for the bottle starting December 1st, it will be sold at all the New York Bond No. 9 stores, on the Bond No. 9 website and at Saks (suggested retail: $230).
“Another way to take up more space is with perfume."—Andy Warhol


Anonymous said...

What are the other bottles going to be/look like? I want to collect these!

Keith S. said...

Will Warhol ever cease to be relevant?