Jan 25, 2008

Jennifer Muskopf's Clive + Sunshine

I was in the middle of trying to put together a cheesy Valentine's Day Gift Guide (ick), when thankfully I stumbled on to this Clive & Sunshine Buffalo from one of my favorite Silver Lake shelter shops, Reform School. Matt has a little bit of "a thing" for buffaloes. It's (I hope) due to his love for the State of Wyoming where his his family has a ranch outside of Jackson. The state flag, which hangs in our office, features a Buffalo silhouette and in Matt's stocking this Christmas were some pretty cool Buffalo coasters. I am aware that this exceeds the Buffalo quota for most people, but, look at the face on that beast! Artist Jennifer Muskopf started making her series of handmade stuffed animals in 1993 as an extension of her paintings and began selling them in 1999 in small shops carrying artist-made products. They were featured in House & Garden and on the Isaac Mizrahi's show "Isaac" and the demand grew and grew to the point where Muskopf had to stop producing them. Until recently! Muskopf decided to work with an exclusive selection of retailers and bring them out of retirement. Each shop has an exclusive collection, all with a different theme. Reform School's theme is "Mamas & Babies" and they are too cute for words. Pick up the mama ($154) and baby ($110) by clicking here. Matt, I hope you like your Valentine's gift!

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White Bisons Attergau said...

Netter Blog (nice blog) - Grüße von den White Bisons aus Österreich(greetings from the White Bisons from Austria).

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