Jan 28, 2008


So, Matt was on a serious mission to find new board shorts last night, that I think (fingers-crossed) he's forgotten all about today. By enduring this grueling process I think I looked at (what I thought was) every SoCal brand in existence.

I did come across a new brand out of San Juan Capistrano (O.C.) called W/O that doesn't make swim wear but does make great traditionally styled wardrobe staples for both girls and guys. I really like this brand as a slightly more surfer/edgy alternative to the Gap and a more toned-down basic alternative to Trovata.

Guy's shirts range from $42-$46 and Guy's sweaters are $60. The above polka dot dress is $56 and girl's sweaters range from $58-$62. W/O sells online exclusively through the hit-or-miss surf retailer Swell, who also carries the below Don James poster ($30) which I would totally buy if I was hardcore.

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