Jun 19, 2008

La Fonda del Sol by FLOR

Chicago Home + Garden's blog, Design Dose, definitely had the scoop of the day as they reported FLOR's latest release of modular tiles based on the textile designs of Alexander Girard—perhaps the most influential textile designer of the modern era. These designs are specifically modeled after the restaurant La Fonda Del Sol, which opened in the Time-Life Building in Manhattan in 1961. The entire restaurant including the furnishings, dishware, everything down to the table linens were designed by Girard. And what I wouldn't do to get my hands on some of the old matchbooks! By 1971 the restaurant was closed. Alexander Girard items have been notoriously hard to come by as few items have been re-issued, even with today's modern revival. Until FLOR's release, your best bet was ebay and Maximo Design. The FLOR collection, which can be mixed and matched with other designs comes in four different combinations of six tiles ($160), check them all out right here.

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