Jun 20, 2008


Matt's parents took us out to dinner last night as they stopped into town for a night on their way to Rhode Island. We booked a table at Rick Tramanto's TRU and it was outstanding. Mainly it's a wonderful place to eat because the dishes are perfectly executed, the menu is interesting, the service is impeccable, and the wine list is top-notch. And then there's the artwork. The interior design of TRU isn't anything special, it's rather simple actually. But the restaurant is accented with museum quality paintings, sculpture, and prints by artists like Yves Klein, Ed Ruscha, and Andy Warhol. On the right is Ed Ruscha's 1986 "Somebody's Mother" (acrylic on paper)—stunning to see in person, and below is Gerhard Richter's 1988 "Kerze" (offset print). TRU also has a lounge, prime for late-night dessert or cheese. 676 N. St. Clair, Chicago.

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