Jun 23, 2008

SoCal Fire Poster Project

It was last October when I was in Orange County witnessing the massive wild fire near my parent's house and watching on TV with horror as Malibu and San Diego County were being scorched by flames. Since then 1500 homes have been lost and over half a million acres have been burned. I've been hearing about the heat wave that Californians have been enduring lately and the attached potential for new wild fire outbreaks, like the one in Santa Cruz. I came across SoCal Fire Poster Project and was really impressed with the artists who have donated their designs to a cause which raises funds for victims of wildfires. The idea is modeled after The Hurricane Katrina Poster Project, which was hugely successful. The above silk-screened poster "State of Consequence" ($35) is by Criswell Lappin (Make-Out); below is "Los Fuegos" ($35) by Barretto-Co. + Bloom Screen Printing.

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