Apr 28, 2009

The Homo Sapiens kitchen tool

I love twofers, especially when it comes to things that can double as other things. I'm not sure why this kitchen tool is called the Homo Sapiens (am I missing something really obvious here?), but regardless of the name, the tool sounds pretty awesome. It's a sandstone kitchen tool in the shape of a peeled potato which functions to sharpen knives, crush garlic, and grind herbs like a pestle. Check it out right here ($79).


Martha said...

Seems like it might be named such because it looks like such a cave man type tool.

Lori W said...

Maybe because it's a big rock you use as a tool? You know, "me Tarzan, you ... potato-shaped tool"?

Lizzie said...

That makes perfect sense. Apparently I've got a cave woman brain this morning.