Apr 29, 2009

Second Seaty

Matt and I went to Second City last night and it was a lot funnier than I ever remember it being. What was even cooler is that many of the current cast of SNL were in the audience. Jason Sudeikis was a couple people away from me, and it was really interesting to see the guy that plays Blago watch another guy play Blago. But the biggest thrill was definitely when Matt came back from the men's room and said, "I just saw MacGruber!", (a.k.a Will Forte, his favorite SNL character). From a design perspective, I have to say I think it's really cool that in the fifty years they've been doing improvisational comedy, they're still using the same bent-wood bistro chairs, similar to the original side chair Model no. 14 designed by Michael Thonet in 1885.


Amanda said...

HA - I LOVE MacGruber!

In fact, he was dating a friend of ours for a while out in NY, although they have sadly since broken up...

Melissa said...

There are some great vintage Thonet chairs at Antiquaire -- right in Highland Park:


They have fabulous stuff in the place. The biggest selection of coll chairs I have ever seen...inclding the Tolix chairs you love so much!